“My favorite friends are Hippies” 

My friend HippieMan added me to a closed group on Facebook. It’s a community of hippies sharing pictures, music and friendship. I’ve come across some of the coolest people who are kind, caring and funny. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a connection to others with shared ideas and morals.  I’m genuinely grateful for the hippie generation and how it’s continued throughout the years. We need people who care about humankind and our planet.  We need both for the human race to not become extinct in our children’s and their children’s future.  All life matters not just different ethic groups. World peace is something our violent prone generation thinks is impossible and I pity those that live that way.  I’m hoping for a future where more hippies are still among the world’s population and their voices will be strong.  Thanks my friend HippieMan for showing me there’s still hope out there for peace, love and happiness.

+‡•PeaceLoveMusic•‡+                         +‡•by FrostyGurl•‡+