Finding my Carefree


Carefree has different definitions depending on how the word is used by an individual. Carefree, to me, is a state of mind. When my thoughts are a tangled web of too much information to figure out how to simply use what I need and let the rest of it go.  I have to slow down my thinking and my reactions within myself. In a carefree moment my mind is quiet of my rambling thoughts and I’m in this moment of time. I don’t worry about something that happened yesterday or what tomorrow may bring. I’m just being peaceful in the now. Yesterday is over and tomorrow might not even come for me. While living in the now I’m not afraid, angry, sad or worried about things I can’t control. I’m just enjoying my time right now and feeling carefree. I do daily meditation to achieve living only in today. When I do obtain this goal I’m happy and enthusiastic about my life today. Everyday life can be carefree when you have learned to stay in the now. Right now is beautifully carefree.


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